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Gas prices are at an all time high, and with that in front of us it becomes more important than ever to keep our vehicles operating in as good a condition as possible. Good car maintenance is crucial to keeping our cars safe but in addition, good maintenance also improves gas mileage, extends the vehicles life, prevents major break downs, increases resale value, and even improves air quality. Unfortunately, many people avoid basic car maintenance. Some feel that they can’t do it or even that it may take too much time. In reality, simple and easy items can prove very beneficial.

  1. Keep tires inflated to proper level. Remember, some tires may look fine even when low. Keep a tire gauge handy and check all tires, including the spare, every two weeks.
  2. Keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance schedules. A poorly tuned car can waste 10-20% of the fuel you buy.
  3. Make sure you change the oil and air filters as needed. Clean oil lubricates and reduces internal friction whereas dirty air filters can rob you of efficient fuel mileage.
  4. Keep your vehicle as light as possible. Packing unnecessary junk will cost you in gas mileage.
  5. Above all else, watch your mileage. When changes occur in the miles you can drive from one tank of gas to another, your car is telling you something is wrong and it should be checked out.

It’s no secret we depend on our cars. They take us to the store and across the state. Taking good care of them insures that they will take good care of us for hundreds or thousands of miles. Basic maintenance is easy but for bigger jobs you can depend on help from family-owned businesses across Texas.


Thank you for visiting Car-Pro of San Antonio in San Antonio, TX. Count on our automotive repair technicians to keep your car, truck, suv, or van on the roads longer and safer.

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